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Well it's June 30th and I just finished a book. Might as well see how things are going this year

1. My Big Fat Supernatural Honeymoon - P.N. Elrod (ed)
2. The Partly Cloudy Patriot - Sarah Vowell
3. Death from the Skies: These are the ways the world will end - Philip Plait
4. Root and Branch: Charles Hamilton Houston, Thurgood Marshall, and the Struggle to End Segregation - Rawn James Jr.
5. Taking on the System: Rules for Change in the Digital Era: Markos Moulitsas Zuniga
6. Stones into Schools: Promoting Peace with Books, Not Bombs, in Afganistan and Pakisatan - Greg Mortenson
7. Heavy Metal Pulp: Pleasure Model: Netherworld Book One - Christopher Rowley
8. Zombie Haiku: Good Poetry for your.. Brains - Ryan Mecum
9. Eye of the Red Tsar: A Novel of Suspense - Sam Eastland
10. The Vesuvius Club: A Bit of Fluff - Mark Gatiss
11. The Future Church: How Ten Trends are Revolutionizing the Catholic Church - John Allen
12. The Crusades: An Authoritative History of the War for the Holy Land - Thomas Asbridge
13. Storm Front - Jim Butcher*
14. Grave Peril - Jim Butcher*
15. Death Masks - Jim Butcher*
16. Turn Coat - Jim Butcher *
17. Changes - Jim Butcher
18. Residential Construction Management - Joseph A. Griffin
19. American Lion: Andrew Jackson in the White House - Jon Meacham
20. Bel Canto - Ann Patchett
21. Odd and the Frost Giants - Neil Gaiman
22. Sir Apropros of Nothing - Peter David
23. The Prayer Amendment: A Satire of Southern Politics and Religion - Dennis Hale
24. New World Monkeys: A Novel - Nancy Mauro
25. Red November: Inside the Secret U.S.-Soviet Submarine War - W. Craig Reed
26. Spice & Wolf Vol 1 - Isuna Hasekura
27. Inherent Vice - Thomas Pynchon
28. The City & the City - China Mieville

* Rereads
Add on 68 (egad!) manga volumes and five children's books to get 101 total, yeesh.

Best Book I've Read So Far This Year - The Crusades
Best Fiction Book IRSFTY - Bel Canto
Worst Book IRSFTY - My Big Fat Supernatural Honeymoon
Worst Non-Fiction IRSFTY (also happens to be written by a guy who can probably kick my ass) - Red November
Best Manga Volume IRSFTY - Death Note Vol 12
Worst Manga Volume IRSFTY - Full Metal Panic Vol 5

Date: 2010-07-01 02:19 am (UTC)
pinesandmaples: A picture of Ben Franklin on the side of a paper box in Philly. (Philly: Ben Franklin)
From: [personal profile] pinesandmaples
I'd love a review-in-a-nutshell of Sir Apropros of Nothing by Peter David.

Date: 2010-07-01 12:45 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] jeffxandra.livejournal.com
What I wrote on my Goodreads review was

An enjoyable (not at all) little satire of the typical heroic fantasy novel. Filled with the usual amount of contemporaneous puns and crass jokes one would expect. Not at all deep, but not intending to be either. I'll definitely try the sequel, The Woad to Wuin. (3 out of 5)

There's a pretty good blurb of the plot here (http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/558833.Sir_Apropos_of_Nothing)



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