As people continue to move into the rapidly growing city of Xandrapolis, parkland, despite what satellite views might indicate, is growing scarce.

Hence the Xandrapolis Planning Committee has announced the Xandrapolis Environmental Network Of Neighbors to help the (more than 500) citizens better care for their community.

Perhaps you'd like to build a park, or simply move to such an environmentally conscious town?


Feb. 25th, 2008 07:05 am
So I went to my first morning gym class today. It was Core Conditioning which can best be described as "let's kick your mid-section's ass for half an hour." That class was at 6:30; many participants joined the class from the 5:30 Cycle 60 (i.e. bicycle for 60 minutes) class immediately beforehand.

And I thought I was masochistic

Anyway, learned something new about myminicity over the weekend. Apparently if you put an /xml suffix on the url then the person can see what needs to be done in the city and then choose that. So I'm providing two links today

Xandrapolis' City Planning Report and Plain old move to Xandrapolis

By the way, has anyone (pretty much [ profile] elengul or [ profile] pneumatik) figured out what the eventual "increase business" option will be for?
Xandrapolis is at 198 persons! At 200 (I think) it'll develop the opportunity to have crime and require law enforcement to respond!

Wait a sec, should I be excited about that?

Anyway, maybe you can be the 200th Citizen of Xandrapolis
Xandrapolis has entered the Top 2000 cities in the (myminicity) U.S.!

That would, for example, make it the equivalent of say.. Greater Landover or Reisterstown.

Looks like it's got a ways to go.

Come visit!
Xandrapolis' population is booming, now over 120 people! But the economic development is not keeping up! Please, venture captialists, take the time to invest in this growing economy!
My brother-in-law was referring specifically to the Stock Market, but the entire economy is essentially a confidence game. It's built upon a foundation of faith with, hopefully, a smattering of reason to keep the entire thing from collapsing upon itself.

A game where everyone loses )

The citizens of Xandrapolis need to turn to their government too. They need help with infrastructure. Would you be willing to pay some taxes (i.e. click the link) to improve the transportation network?

Stop the Spying!
The hard working immigrants who have come to Xandrapolis need work! They're all law-abiding, skilled, dedicated professionals so I hope you've got a little bit of coin (i.e. the time to click) to invest in Xandrapolis' exploding economy!
The Industrial Revolution continues to affect the burgeoning city of Xandrapolis! Investors, please take time to invest in an economic tiger!

Stop the Spying!
But now the industry needs to follow.

If you've got the financial capital, please make an investment in the growing economy. There are many skilled laborers in Xandrapolis who are looking for work.

You can help!

Stop the Spying!
So [ profile] legstoner reamed me out for my posting on my grandparents.

It was quite warranted in some respects, not in others. But it does mean I owe some clarifications.

some well-pointed criticism )

[ profile] iridium_wolf's city passed Xandrapolis in population today. I guess that's because he's such a big mover & shaker in the world of LJ. Yeesh.
I got many nice gifts for Christmas. One of the more unexpected ones was a subscription to National Geographic Magazine from [ profile] josabry and [ profile] mcmahan. In the January 2008 issue they had a photo essay on North Dakota ghost towns. But it applies to the death of the family farm and small town in American society.

Musings on farming and my minicity )

So anyways, please visit Xandrapolis each day. It adds one more person to the population and gives my little imaginary people, and perhaps their real virtual city mayor, something to dream about.
Xandrapolis was founded. Please come visit this great new venture of our lifetime.



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