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Feel like I'm using the writer's blocks to just make me post something. Without having had the experience myself, obvious potential complications

1) The benefits aren't very good and get in the way of the friendship
2) One starts thinking of it as something more than FWB
3) It's not exclusive which can be risky if eith or both are hooking-up outside of it
4) Expectations of benefits can get in the way of personal freedom. They aren't your only friend and just because they want a booty call doesn't mean you have to put out. Of course, I suppose that's an issue even in a non-FWB relationship.
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Ooh.. I like this one. It has to be a book with a definite visual style, something practically unique. I'd probably choose Scott Westerfeld's Leviathan which is kerosenepunk World War I with fierce kerosene powered robots fighting bioengineered flying whales.
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This is a fun one.

This first song was originally designed to be a parody of Bob Dylan's music, which was very popular at the time, but it's just a great song about two people together
Stealers Wheel - Stuck in the Middle With You

On the other hand, this song is about it being my friends' wedding as this is a popular joke song that we've had play at every one so far
Dead or Alive - You Spin Me Round

This is a more recent acquisition for my collection and it's not really danceable, but during the conversation portion I'd want to fit this one in
Ray LaMontagne - Forever My Friend

The last two are selfish first our first dance song. Difficult and my wife's dress kept tripping her up
Louis Armstrong -We Have All the Time in the World

This was the last dance at our own wedding 'nuff said
B.B. King & Eric Clapton - Come Rain Come Shine
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Hmm.. I guess paying off the house doesn't count. Once I get done setting up the college fund for my son, taking care of outstanding debts, taxes and general investing stuff, probably I'd buy the new car I've not been able to decide on for the past year.
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This one's pretty easy for me. David Foster Wallace wrote with power, efficacy, and insight with a unique style to which I could only hope to aspire.

One of my favorite quotes from him is about language itself

"When I say or write something, there are actually a whole lot of different things I am communicating. The propositional content (i.e., the verbal information I'm trying to convey) is only one part of it. Another part is stuff about me, the communicator. Everyone knows this. It's a function of the fact there are so many different well-formed ways to say the same basic thing, from e.g. "I was attacked by a bear!" to "Goddamn bear tried to kill me!" to "That ursine juggernaut did essay to sup upon my person!" and so on."
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The first person I heard was Paul Rudd, usually phrased as "that guy from Clueless".

My wife says I look like Harrison Ford but she's biased.

A recent addition was Jeroen Krabbe

Pretty much you can go with any dark haired actor with a substantial chin and you'll probably see a resemblance.
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I'd like to be a professor of history/anthopology/archaeology on some obscure long lost civilization who gets brought in to do commentary on History Channel shows.
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I'm a Wood Tiger which sounds a little more like me than the generic Tiger portion.

On the generic side "Tigers have a continual need to be challenged which may explain why they jump from job to job." - While I do have a need to be challenged, I've held the same job for way too long about 10 years now. So that doesn't quite work.

From the Wood Tiger section

"Not feeling the need to be in charge, Wood Tigers work well with others. Others enjoying being around Wood Tigers because they’re very giving individuals. They’re compassionate and willing to do whatever is necessary to help others. "

That sounds much more like me. Indeed, I might be too self-sacrificing. I keep wondering whether I should resolve to be more selfish in my New Year's goals.
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Archduke Franz Ferdinand. That such a small death of an unpopular, even within Austria, person could lead to such amazing consequences.
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While I kinda like Matt Smith, my (admittedly unrealistic) hope was for Chiwetel Ejiofor.
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There are a lot of shows that I've fallen in love with, only to see them fall by the wayside. Journeyman on NBC last year was quite good. The sequel to Babylon 5, Crusade was finally finding its way towards the end of its all to brief run. But since I have to pick one, I'll choose Brimstone starring Peter Horton as a dead cop sent back to the Earth to hunt down souls escaped from Hell. In particular, it was John Glover's performance as the devil, and the interplay between the two of them, that made the show.
I was going to say "McCain choosing Palin" but that seems to be the easy answer everyone remembers.

How about McCain suspending his campaign to deal with the financial crisis (and the ensuing bailout packages).
[Error: unknown template qotd]Is this a trick question? No.. really! Is this a trick question?

Choose a depressed cynic or someone who has a significant probability of ruining the elevator's structural integrity, resulting in a painful demise?

Let me think about that for a minute.....
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