So, after discovering the oven wouldn't light this evening, I called the GE maintenance desk and discovered they weren't willing to troubleshoot you through a problem and instead would only schedule an appointment. Yeesh.. So we microwaved our dinner (the penguin joined us again), not the end of the world. But now I need to figure out what to do about our non-lighting oven.

Aftewards, my wife and son took a walk to discover that the co-worker she bought a train table from lives about five houses down the street from us. Small world. Meanwhile, I started cleaning out my car, which had accumulated the usual detritus that I amass: Used tissues; old City Papers; a book; hooks from the dry cleaners for carrying the large number of clothes we pick up because we only drop laundry off once a month or so; some feeback forms from my son's daycare; a doctor's office receipt or two; my work pass card (why I was digging through the car in the first place); and my missing registration sticker.


Later, after Matt watched Scooby-Doo (I'll get to that in a bit), we washed the dog and then had a lot of fun racing around upstairs hiding from the (imaginary) monster.

After Matt went to bed, I joined my regular Wednesday night City of Heroes game and we were very successful there, acquiring eight badges and finishing a couple of very challenging missions. Fun all around.

Anyways, please don't forget to visit Xandrapolis today. Every day you visit is another happy citizen.
My wife had to work down in Crystal City yesterday so Matthew and I had dinner on our own. Despite his insistence that he wanted "chicken-n-fries" over the other options I presented, he was steadfastly refusing to eat them and went into his stall routines. Drinking lots of his juice and speaking whatever came to his mind. Hence the following exchange

M -"The monsters are sad"

J - "The monsters are sad?"

"Yeah, the monsters and Spider-Man are sad"

"Why is Spider-Man sad?"

"Spider-Man is sad because he misses his Mommy. He needs to talk to his mommy and his brother and sister."
Matthew has, this evening, in succession, had his bed time threatened by

1) A witch under the ground
2) a Tiger
3) a Jaguar
4) a Cougar

The latter three have convinced my wife that Matthew doesn't get to watch any more Go Diego Go



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