so [ profile] charliesmum did a Shag, Marry, Cliff meme and I said, "sure, why not!"

Then she threw me a curve. )

So comment if you want to be tagged for some inexplicable reason.
Sorry [ profile] marag

first shots of Avatar: The Last Airbender )
Did Ozymandias' Antarctic refuge in (the movie version of) Watchmen remind you of the Columbia Mall or was it just me?
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The first person I heard was Paul Rudd, usually phrased as "that guy from Clueless".

My wife says I look like Harrison Ford but she's biased.

A recent addition was Jeroen Krabbe

Pretty much you can go with any dark haired actor with a substantial chin and you'll probably see a resemblance.
If you ignore the plot, it's pretty entertaining.

Though it was interesting to see Marc Warren (a.k.a. Elton from Doctor Who: Love & Monsters as a tough guy in it.
So we're talking this evening about a book Matthew saw at the Borders yesterday and my wife says, "I know this book."

I inflect a little and repeat the phrase back to her.

She, of course, responds, Your conclusions were all wrong, Ryan.
Boondock Saints 2 Shooting - make of that what you will

Shooting has commenced in Toronto on Troy Duffy's "The Boondock Saints 2", the sequel to 2000 cult indie thriller that made Duffy famous.

Sean Patrick Flanery and Norman Reedus reprise their roles as crusading fraternal twins Connor and Murphy MacManus, who seek revenge on the tough Boston underworld.

Billy Connolly, David Della Rocco, Brian Mahoney are returning from the original, newcomers include Clifton Collins Jr., JoJo Rhama, Julie Benz, Bob Marley, and David Ferry.

Chris Brinker and Don Carmody are producing with Lloyd Segan and Rob Fried executive producing.
From Dark Horizons

Sam Jackson In "Last Dragon" Remake

Samuel L. Jackson will play the villain in Sony Pictures remake of the 1985 cult classic "The Last Dragon" says The Hollywood Reporter.

Berry Gordy's original centered on young martial arts student Leroy Green in his quest through the streets of New York to achieve the highest level of martial arts accomplishment, known as the Last Dragon.

Those who achieve the high ranking possess the Glow, making them the greatest fighter alive. Jackson will play Sho'nuff, the Shogun of Harlem, a role played in the original by the late Julius Carry.

Dallas Jackson is penning the screenplay as well as producing alongside John Davis and Kerry Gordy, while Wu-Tang Clan's RZA is co-producing.
Or something else...

Actually, I'm trying to recall the last time I saw [ profile] kyriotate that clean shaven...

A bunch more pics at the link
I know you like Jack White, [ profile] hjude44 and [ profile] josabry but this collaboration with Alicia Keys for Quantum of Solace is a mess.

A big.. HUGE... mess.

The instrumentals are good, but the vocals are all over the place. I got really enthused by Chris Cornell's theme for Casino Royale. This, though, is a disaster. Hopefully the movie doesn't share the theme's significant flaws.
Character actor Julius Carry dies at 56
Veteran thesp played Sho'nuff in 'Last Dragon'

Character actor Julius Carry died Aug. 19 in Los Angeles of pancreatic cancer. He was 56.
He had recurring roles on TV shows including "Two Guys And Girl," "Boy Meets World," "Grown Ups," "The District," "Cosby," "Murphy Brown," "It's A Living" and "Duet."

Carry appeared in more than 100 guest roles including "Hill Street Blues," "Jag," "Spin City" and "Moesha."

He also appeared as the villain Sho'nuff in the cult pic "The Last Dragon." Other feature credits included "The New Guy," "Moving," "World Gone Wild," "The Man With The Red Shoe" and "The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh."

Born in Chicago, his first screen credit was in "Disco Godfather." least in terms of me going to see it.

Watchmen's marketing team had a bunch of posters for SDCC. I've put Ozymandias behind the cut )

The full list can be found Here.

The pervs among my friends will want a close look at the the one of the first Silk Spectre

In other news, prepare to unleash an El-Hazard Scream as Keanu Reeves is rumored to be likely cast as Spike in the live action Cowboy Bebop movie.
I saw The Dark Knight on Saturday and then, while donating platelets, I saw 3:10 to Yuma today

No hope for anyone (The Dark Knight) )
Has the plot to Boondock Saints 2 been revealed?
Watchmen Trailer Here

Update: apparently the guys who had it weren't supposed to have it yet. I've updated the link with someone who should!
Recently we used our Netflix subscription to get Batman: Gotham Knight which is allegedly an interlude piece between Batman Begins and The Dark Knight.

(aside)We are planning on catching The Dark Knight on Saturday afternoon if anyone wants to join us(/aside)

The six short films were of varying quality, with the animation being generally good quality, if some of the styles were not to everyone's taste. I'd give the overall product 3 out of 5 but that's not really why I'm posting.

Before the movie, there was a brief MPAA PSA about the evils of video piracy. In it, using clips from The Wizard of Oz, Dorothy and her companions are depicted as video pirates while the eponymous wizard is the MPAA. Oz is angry and Dorothy & her friends are clearly intimidated.


... isn't there that whole bit about the wizard merely being a fraud behind a curtain?

Is this really the message the MPAA wanted to send?
John McCain isn't a maverick until I see him playing topless beach volleyball with Val Kilmer
Cast shots from the new G.I. Joe movie.

No Destro, unfortunately.

Crisis in Ellicott City

So I'm straightening-up in the kitchen last night when I stumble across the Survival Guide for Betrayal at the House on the Hill..

So [ profile] yerbrainondrugs, you want to see your guide again? Place a bag of unmarked U.S. currency in small....

In a related story
[ profile] mnemoscat mentioned she might know of a store that has a copy, but my sieve like mind has already lost the information. Hopefully she'll post it here

Arch is at the theater with his latest reviews
In other news, [ profile] josabry, [ profile] metromancer and I saved my wife the pain of watching Spider-Man 3 on Friday. God was that bad. And it was all in the script. The acting was okay; the directing likewise, special effects pretty damn good (for my not so huge television), even the plot was largely acceptable by comic-book movie standards, but the script execution was a total disaster. Such a bad movie with such good movie postersx

** stars for some fleeting moments of enjoyment and Tobey Maguire dancing a la Saturday Night Fever and Funny Face

We also watched Meet the Robinsons on Sunday. That was a lot better than I expected. Probably due to John Lasseter (of Pixar fame) being a major contributor. The movie is more predictable than guessing what a Republican politician will wear on his jacket lapel but the execution is solid and kinda funny.


Meanwhile George Michael (no not that one) has this evening's wrestling report to go with sports

Oh and Opening Day is today, which would be more important if I didn't live/work near the Orioles. At least they gave up on Jay Gibbons. It's going to be a long hard slog for the O's, but I think they finally have really committed to rebuilding, as opposed to their half-hearted efforts of years past.

Oh and Dave W. made me an intriguing trade offer in Omega, but I don't think my team can afford it. I've not gone over the numbers yet though.

In our final news this evening
Xandrapolis continues to grow and grow. Perhaps you'd like to join the planning committee?
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