... for Plaxico Burress at any rate.

Plaxico is my bad penny. He keeps turning up on a couple of my fantasy teams year after year. True, one of them this year is the Dynasty League but still, I could have cut him.

more Fantasy Football rambling )
Somehow, some way, I'm doing really well in my HopSFA Fantasy Football leagues.

This is just inconceivable.

I've played in other, non HopSFA, leagues and I've done very well, never quite won a league, but have finished top 2 or 3 on a regular basis. Over in HopSFA my record has been closer to .500 (at best) and I've never made a playoff. So I figure our HopSFA leagues must have some pretty damn high quality ownership.

This year though, in part because of some quality drafting, in part because of luck, most of the bounces have been going my way.

fantasy football rambling )
So yesterday, while we were at Colorfest my aunt-in-law calls us and says, "Hey we've got an extra ticket for the Redskins game. Do you wanna go?"

Well my wife and I fretted back and forth for a few seconds before saying, "Sure, but we don't know who yet"

Y'see.. my wife is a big Redskins fan but she had arranged to have her mom and [livejournal.com profile] josabry come over to work on [livejournal.com profile] josabry's dress for [livejournal.com profile] wushi and [livejournal.com profile] beguine's pending nuptuals. Eventually we sort of let them decide for us. When we found out that her Aunt wasn't going (her Uncle was) then we decided to have me go. I donned a burgundy red cross blood drive shirt and headed out.

We got off a little late but enjoyed a sandwich in the parking lot and then walked up to the stadium and found our great seats, upper deck, 2nd row, right next to the camera well on the 50 yd line. Great seats. Things, at least in the lower section of the Upper Bowl, don't look tiny from up there. You can still easily read uni numbers and get a good sense of the action. Names are a little rough to pick up, but otherwise it's a lot like seeing a baseball game from the upper deck. If you get to the front, you'll likely have a better view than many in the lower levels will.

Then the game happened. It was an ugly, sloppy game, but it did have some good defense on occasion so I enjoyed myself, unlike many of the fans around me. And that gets me to my rant. )

Getting out of the game was the disaster that [livejournal.com profile] yerbrainondrugs mentioned over on Riggo's Rag, so I didn't get back home until 6:30 or so and I am just exhausted....
Well football season is in full swing and I'm once again playing Fantasy Football.

Unlike those other guys who play Fantasy Football, I'm well aware that I'm a nerd and there's nothing cool about it.

I've had a good 1st weekend 3-1 in my games. But I figured I might as well and look back and analyze what I was thinking at the time.

First up: Alpha draft )
So a Steelers fan has set-up a website and is selling Bernard Pollard Fan Club T-Shirts

Say it with me guys....

I'm probably busy but...

Instead of spending my morning revisiting my NCAAB Bracket over and over again, I did one quick review this morning and moved on...

...straight to planning my offseason for my Fantasy Football team.

How sad is that?
Monk & Green made the Hall!
Not that that would happen. Since the only person I know with an internet connection in the entire county is my (not-by-blood) uncle's nephew who lives fifteen miles away from where I'm staying.

Of course, he's currently outside of the restaurant in his car, so I suppose I shouldn't really say that. )
So last night I went over to [livejournal.com profile] metromancer & [livejournal.com profile] mnemoscat's house for [livejournal.com profile] yerbrainondrugs' surprise birthday party. For the brief time I had to stay I enjoyed it. [livejournal.com profile] metromancer got [livejournal.com profile] yerbrainondrugs a Washington Redskins birthday cake. More specifically a "John Riggins in Super Bowl XVII running through a Dolphins defender" Birthday cake.

Apparently [livejournal.com profile] yerbrainondrugs has it as either a screensaver or wallpaper on his computer his LJ avatar which you can see in the comments section.

It was good to see others whom I'd not seen in a bit, or at least a few weeks. One person I did run into was [livejournal.com profile] joshthestampede, who happens to be commissioner of the Omega League.

I just lost Matt Leinart for the season so I'm allowed to pick-up another QB. But who the hell do I pick up? Cleo Lemon? Gus Frerotte? That's the kind of pickings I have to choose from.

I've still got five starting QBs (Eli Manning, Jason Campbell, Kurt Warner (replaced Matt Leinart), Daunte Culpepper, & Trent Edwards) and I can't keep any fill-in QB beyond this season. I'm tempted to just wait and see if someone more appealing pops up in future weeks.

Oh, and I left my briefcase & Bananagrams there. Sigh....I shouldn't have two Woodchuck ciders on a Tuesday night.

A busy day

Oct. 7th, 2007 09:46 pm
We went to my in-laws so that my wife could (belatedly) make a quilt for Matthew's birthday. It's a Cars quilt and she wasn't sure if she could handle it on her own, hence consulting with her Mom.

Meanwhile I was on Matthew duty and we had a reasonably good time by ourselves, even if he wouldn't nap. He always has a hard time napping there. Of course, he has a hard time falling asleep anywhere, so we typically take him for a drive. But getting him out of the van is difficult and there's a long, very bright, sun exposed walk to my in-laws' house.

Oh well.

The Redskins game was entertaining, the Ravens game was not, even though they won.

My fantasy football teams are going to explode practically any moment, when Travis Henry gets suspended for using illegal substances.


The quilt turned out nice though.
As defined by Star Wars characters

All finding credit given to [livejournal.com profile] pneumatik and [livejournal.com profile] yerbrainondrugs
Yes..yes.. be ready for post spam

More FF whining )

Oh god am I tired of looking at Fantasy Football reading. Can the season start?
You know you have issues when you sign up for a Dynasty League

I clearly have issues )
God I hate Fantasy Football. It's like an addiction that I can't get rid of.

And here I go again )

In the end, I think I did okay, though I don't have much in trade bait. That's a little disappointing, but it could be worse.
So, as I was getting out of the car on Friday, I happened to hear about the Baltimore Blackbirds signing Joe Maese.

So of course the first question is, What the hell are the Baltimore Blackbirds?

Apparently they're part of an indoor (not the Arena!) football league, and they're just starting to play March 10th. Their first home game isn't until the 31st.

Anyone else curious enough to want to go see this?
We had breakfast with my Dad, my sister ([livejournal.com profile] legstoner) and her husband this morning before seeing them all off. It was a good visit, all and all, with my family. Both my sister and Dad, in my opinion, did much better with Matthew than they had in the past. My brother-in-law continues to be a superlative uncle even given the infrequent opportunities we have to spend with them. Indeed, to get Matthew to go out for breakfast we had to tell him Uncle Greg would be there.

Now if he'd just stop telling Matthew to root for the Steelers. It matters little though, as the Steelers were crumpled up tinfoil against the Ravens today.

This evening was wigilia, the traditional Polish (my wife is) Christmas Eve celebration. Matthew, despite his selective palette and the limited fair, managed well. On wigilia, you don't eat meat, so it's all fish, vegetables, fruit, or bread. As the years have gone by, of course, the rules remain the same, but the dishes broaden. For instance, Spring Rolls and Crab Rangoon were on the menu.

This year's gathering was smaller than usual, but it was still a good time. I got the new Tilly and the Wall album, as well as a long ago requested item, the soundtrack to The Triplets of Belleville.


Nov. 30th, 2006 07:19 am
Matthew woke up about two hours ago. Par for the course when my wife is away on travel. I crawled into his bed (wow this whole real bed thing has some benefits!) and he eventually nodded off again. I'm tired though.

I'm getting superstitious in my middle? age. I had been unintentionally wearing a particular Ravens sweatshirt for their first four games and then they had a Monday nighter (against Denver). Well I didn't wear it that day because of work and they lost. It didn't really cross my mind as an issue at that point. It was a rough game played in Denver. Definitely a difficult place to play. The following weekend, against Carolina, I didn't put the shirt on and everything felt off that day. The Ravens lost again. Since the BYE week, I've not missed wearing the sweatshirt on game days.

Thank goodness for casual Thursdays at work.
We had [livejournal.com profile] josabry and her husband over this evening. Usually it's Fridays, but her husband had a game to play and the group could only fit it in Friday night. Bah..

So, after finishing Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy, highly recommended, we checked in on the Michigan-Notre Dame score.

My Dad went to Michigan, my Mom went to Penn State, and I spent my entire youth growing up in and around college athetlics.
I have always hated Notre Dame.

Boy am I cheerful now.
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