so [ profile] charliesmum did a Shag, Marry, Cliff meme and I said, "sure, why not!"

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So comment if you want to be tagged for some inexplicable reason.
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If you ignore the plot, it's pretty entertaining.

Though it was interesting to see Marc Warren (a.k.a. Elton from Doctor Who: Love & Monsters as a tough guy in it.
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While I kinda like Matt Smith, my (admittedly unrealistic) hope was for Chiwetel Ejiofor.

Your result for The Doctor Who Companion Test...

The Brigadier

You are The Brigadier. Strong, Intelligent and generally friendly, you are a loyal ally to have around. No matter how many incarnations the Doctor goes through, there you are, showing up in the nick of time! You have years of experience, a solid brain on your shoulder, and a positive outlook. When trouble comes...

...You march right into it. Which is really your biggest achilles heel. Your penchant to approach every problem from the completely bureaucratic angle leads you to get stuck in unfortunate circumstances all the time, leaving The Doctor to come and clean up your mess. Oh, well - some people never learn.

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The headline on CNN this morning is

Warning: Ike may bring 'certain death'

I'll just let [ profile] marag stew over that for a while.

So my favorite comics store Comics Kingdom Mystic Spiral has moved out of its Roland Avenue location to the Rotunda. Their new location is big. Really big. I hope it works out for them.

They've added a used books section and I stumbled onto some old Doctor Who novelisations and New Adventures books. I now own a copy of Russell T. Davies' own Damaged Goods.


Feb. 16th, 2008 09:00 pm
So we kinda ended up watching tonight's first Torchwood episode (the repeat) on accident. It was pretty good which means three good episodes in a row to start the new season.


I'm going to buy Torchwood Season 2 on DVD and then my completeness tendency will make me buy Season 1.


When I said I'd be okay with it, this was not what I was thinking of.

I think it's a big mistake, honestly.

Oh well. On the bright side, my now favorite new show of the fall season, Chuck has been picked up for a full season (writers be damned?).

My second favorite show, Journeyman, appears to be not so fortunate. Oh well. I've grown quite fond of that one.

Pushing Daisies has disappointed. The cuteness of it quickly became grating and I just find it hard to watch. I've not stopped yet, but likely will soon.

Looks like it'll be back to two - hey, Torchwood! - three regular series since House continues to be highly entertaining.


Nov. 13th, 2007 04:45 pm
My box set of Series 3 of Doctor Who arrived today!

Musical numbers for everyone!
So, [ profile] metromancer and [ profile] mnemoscat loaned us Coupling last weekend, in part to make up for borrowing both my Season 1 of Doctor Who and Angela's copy of Casino Royale.

We finally ended up watching the first two episodes tonight. It was about halfway through episode one when when we realized that Steve was Norrington

That was the second connection I made today. The other one was realizing that the Desk Sergeant in Hot Fuzz (go see the movie by the way) is this guy:

So tonight's episode of Doctor Who finishes and they announce it'll be two weeks till the next one (because of the Labor Day break).

Oh gee, it's only the cliffhanger ending of Human Nature we ended on.

(insert your own expletives)

As bad as it might be for me, it's worse for my wife and [ profile] josabry since they've not actually seen Family of Blood yet.

At least someone kindly Youtubed the BBC's Second-Half trailer which might tide them over.

Ooh Ooh MeMe )
However this little item of Who-dom is a rare exception.
Chris Eccleston (a.k.a. the Ninth Doctor) will be appearing in Heroes!

Fanboys, prepare to piddle yourself. Christopher Eccleston — the original Dr. Who from the current Sci Fi/BBC series — is joining the cast in January in a really super (tee-hee) role. Speaking of cool pieces of casting, wait until you see who's ******* ****'s ****. You're going to flip.
So we're watching The Great Escape, ***** by the way, which features a very boyish looking (Sir-to-be) Richard Attenborough among a cast including almost half of The Magnificent Seven.

When who should show up, Doctor Who fans, but one William Russell. Yup, that William Russell, a.k.a. Ian Chesterton.

Among his other credits are Blackadder and Superman. I'm going to have to go back and watch those again.
The Hugo Awards were announced at WorldCon over the weekend.

The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances took first in the Short Form TV category, with two other Doctor Who episodes taking second and third.

/em Happy Dance
SCI FI Gets Who Season Two

SCI FI Channel and BBC Worldwide Americas announced a major licensing agreement for SCI FI to air the second season of the hit British SF series Doctor Who in the United States. The series will return to SCI FI on Sept. 29, kicking off with a two-hour premiere that will include the "Christmas Invasion" special in which David Tennant is introduced as the 10th Time Lord.

Billie Piper returns as the Doctor's feisty young companion, Rose Tyler, and together they will travel through time and space battling new and returning aliens and monsters.

Chris Regina, vice president of programming, SCI FI Channel, said in a statement: "Our audience has clearly embraced Doctor Who, and it has delivered a significant increase in viewers in the time period. We are looking forward to keeping the momentum going with David Tennant as the new Doctor."

Executive producer and lead writer Russell T Davies said in a separate statement: "We were delighted by the first season's success in the U.S. and can promise new thrills, new laughs, new heartbreak and some terrifying new aliens in season two."

Executive-produced by Davies and Julie Gardner, the second season of Doctor Who was the most popular program on Saturday nights when it aired on BBC One in the United Kingdom to critical acclaim.

So we get The Christmas Invasion in the right order after all! Anyone who needs me to find the Children in Need interlude on YouTube for you, let me know.
Well after discussing with the wise and all-knowing [ profile] darkwingjhu I may have a solution. I'll be working on it this evening and have a test run at some point. The first audience will probably be my wife and her aunt's family, who are visiting her on Friday.
Okay.. so the current scuttlebutt is that Sci-Fi is planning to start showing the second season of Doctor Who on the last Friday in September. Unfortunately they're not currently planning on showing the The Christmas Invasion as part of it, saving it for the Christmas season.

As a side note, it doesn't look like they'll be showing the seven minute Children in Need special (an interlude between The Parting of the Ways and The Christmas Invasion) at all. Though that may not be entirely up to them.

However, continuity wise, The Christmas Invasion is a pretty important piece of the puzzle and really should be seen first. So I'm going to need to find a way to get my version into an appropirate media for showing to my friends and family. More details on Christmas in September as I figure them out.
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