We had my wife's Aunt and her family come over today. Her boys are 17 and 13(I think), and the eldest isn't really sure where he wants to go after he graduates from high school. I think we managed to get him to take the SAT again at least. He had an okay score, but he should be able to do better.

The reason they came over was to help eat the leftover ice cream from last weekend's birthday party for my wife. We've got a ton and still have about 3/4 of it leftover. Sigh. Have to have more people over I suppose. While we were outside eating ice cream, we think we figured out what stung Matt last week. Turns out it was probably a yellow jacket. We'll have to keep an eye out. I also taught them Fours, a simple card game that Marcus taught us while he was here last weekend. We had Logopolis on in the background, which they borrowed before leaving.

A relaxing afternoon and evening. No complaints from me.
Matthew went and saw his primary care physician this morning. Right now the doctor has gone ahead and prescribed for us an Epi-Pen. Though for now he's recommending against using it unless we, again, see secondary reaction signs. It may have been that the bee that stung Matt was particularly venomous. For now it's Benadryl upon exposure, then watch and see what happens.

He's also got an appointment with an allergist in September.
So while [livejournal.com profile] darkwingjhu and I were at the Fantasy Football auction this morning, Matthew got stung by a bee for the first time. Both his aunt and grandmother on his mom's side are severely allergic, so this is not of minor concern.

His hand swelled up pretty well, and later he got a bit of a welt on his face. So it's quite likely that he is allergic. Hence a doctor's appointment on Monday, quite likely, an epi-pen to follow.



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